Neal Brown Seems to Like Will “Goose” Crowder More than Garrett Greene

Morgantown, West Virginia – If you thought Neal Brown has deep adoration for Jarret Doege, you haven’t seen anything yet.

When asked about which young players Brown have shown improvement during the past few weeks during practice, he essentially gushed over true freshman Will “Goose” Crowder.

“I’m really excited about him,” Brown said.  “He can really throw the ball, he’s been a terrific leader on the scout team and he just completes passes.  I’m really excited about Goose.”

Brown continued: “I threw him in with the starters during the bye week just to see how he would do and he got it done.  He just completes passes and he’s a really great kid.”

In comparison, Brown rarely has positive or encouraging things to say about Greene.  Instead, Brown harps on Greene’s inability to make reads and his poor decision-making.

“He’s gonna play, a lot of it will be how he goes about it this week, but yeah, he’ll play,” Brown said of Greene. “There are some opportunities.”

“Garrett’s gotta continue to grow,” Brown continued. “The deal is with Garrett, our receivers have been our most productive piece of our offense, and Garrett’s gotta continue his ability to get them the ball. That’s where he’s gotta show the most growth.”

Based on Brown’s words alone, it appears that Crowder is far more likely to be the eventual starter for the Mountaineers when Jarret Doege graduates and moves on.

Crowder, a 6’2 freshman out of Gardendale, Alabama, played briefly against Long Island University and completed 2-2 passes for 28 yards.