Neal Brown Speaks

Morgantown, West Virginia – Moments ago, Neal Brown spoke publicly for the first time since the Mountaineers lost in embarrassing fashion to the Iowa State Cyclones last week.

Although the media should have asked challenging questions to hold him accountable, it was much of the same from Brown, who offered many of the same excuses that he’s used for weeks and then opened up about how he’s handling the criticism he’s facing at the head coach.

“JT was off against Iowa State. Credit to them, they have a good defense. I thought we played well up front. We just have to find ways to win games. Even though our numbers weren’t great last week, there were a lot of places where we weren’t bad.

It would be really easy to come up here and talk about how we had two running backs out, one of our guards out, O’Laughlin out, but the reality is that the injuries are not why we struggled.

As far as Oklahoma, I’m glad to be home and we only have 2 home games left. The attitude of the team is positive. We have 3 games left in the season, let’s do the best we can this week.”

When asked how he’s handling the current situation of the football program, Brown said the following: “I hate losing. I hate it for all of the people in the building who are invested in this situation. I can handle the stuff about me, but losing is really hard. But I refuse to come into this building and be negative. I come in here every day preparing to win games. I refuse to accept failure. I don’t take any of this stuff about me personally. The people on social media don’t know me. They are unhappy with the product on the field and that’s fair.

As far as the future stuff and what will happen down the road, we’ll worry about that later. We need to go find a way to go beat Oklahoma.”