Neal Brown, The Most Boring Coach in College Sports

Morgantown, West Virginia – Neal Brown is the most boring coach in college sports.  Nothing about him inspires excitement.  His name is boring.  Neal Brown.  His offensive scheme is boring.  What was billed as an “air raid” attack prior to him coming to Morgantown was quickly revealed as a completely dull, conservative offense in reality.  Even his program slogan “Trust the Climb” is boring.

Being boring is sometimes a good thing.  In college athletics, you want a coach that eats, breathes and sleeps his team.  Brown seemingly does that.  What kind of hobbies does Brown have?  Does anyone know anything about him?

Neal Brown seems like the kind of guy that goes home and puts together puzzles for entertainment and to take his mind off football.

In Brown’s interviews and press conferences, he talks and talks and talks without really saying anything.  The only thing West Virginia’s hideous press corps will get from Brown is fundamentals and the most basic of facts.  He only says what is absolutely necessary and nothing more.

Being boring is far better than being controversial or borderline unprincipled like previous coaches.  Neal Brown will never kicked out of a casino at 3AM for being drunken and disorderly, nor will he have a scandal or embarrass the university in any way.

That’s what makes Neal Brown great.  He’s boring, he lives and breathes making the West Virginia University football program better, and will only ever make the university look good and the state of West Virginia proud.

When the West Virginia Mountaineers take the field for the annual Spring Gold-Blue game this Saturday, Brown will lead a team that is ready to compete in the Big 12 Conference this season.

Although Brown is just 11-11 in two seasons as the head coach of the Mountaineers, he’s done it the right way, continues to make progress and has given Mountaineer Nation a real reason to “trust the climb.”