Neal Brown, The Quarantine King

West Virginia’s Head Football Coach Neal Brown has used the last couple of months wisely.  Not only has he stayed busy with recruiting and Zoom meetings with his staff and players, Brown has also dedicated his mornings to personal physical and mental growth.

Every day since April 4, Brown has posted either a video or a photo of himself on Instagram.  The message behind these posts are “Every Day.”

The daily videos and pictures show Brown dripping with sweat post workout.  Brown is proving that he is getting it done every single day.

Essentially, what Brown is saying is, “Mountaineers, take time out every day to grow and get better, whether that is physically, spiritually or mentally.”

Brown recently posted a picture of the outstanding self-help book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear. The book highlights how tiny changes often lead to remarkable results.

Neal Brown is setting an example for all of us to follow and continues to make all the right moves as the Head Coach of the Mountaineers.  With an outstanding recruiting class incoming and a culture of hard work surrounding the football program, it’s an exciting time to be a Mountaineer!