Neal Brown: WVU Does Not Have a “Culture Problem”

(Photo by Robert Ovies – Voice of Motown) 


Following practice today, WVU head football coach Neal Brown spoke with the media to discuss his team. While the primary focus of the discussion was on the 2022 squad, the subject of the transfer portal came up.

Brown, who last spoke with the media on Thursday, reiterated that he was “hurt” by Akheem Mesidor’s decision to transfer. However, the former Troy head coach made sure that it was known that the recent slew of transfers was not due to a “culture problem” at WVU.

Citing the behavior of players and staff during practices, Brown stated the obvious that if there was an issue, then most of the media members would be able to pick up on it.

Unfortunately, despite coming out in support of the transfer portal, Brown stated the obvious that this is simply the world we live in when it comes to college football now. No matter how much you “pour” into a player and try to assist them on their way to success, they will still leave if that’s what they decide they want to do.

No matter what people on social media may think, it appears that Brown is comfortable with how his program is being ran. While I certainly believe in his blueprint, only time will tell if the way the 42-years old will be able to keep the program afloat with all of the departures.