Neal Brown’s Decision to Not Name Starter

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 


During his weekly press conference today, Neal Brown did not name a starting quarterback for WVU’s matchup against Kansas State on Saturday. Following a bad start by J.T. Daniels, backup Garrett Greene entered the game last weekend and led the Mountaineers to a 23-20 win over Oklahoma.

With this being WVU’s first victory over Oklahoma since joining the Big 12, and Greene putting together a triumphant performance, many fans are calling for him to start on Saturday. While this is certainly justified, Brown is making the right call by not naming a starting quarterback.

This gives the Wildcats absolutely no advantage going into the matchup. They will prepare for both, yes, but they will not know what they’re getting from one series to the next.

An interesting wrinkle Brown threw into the equation was the possibility of seeing Nicco Marchiol. The true freshman from Arizona has only seen the field once this season in a 65-7 win over Towson. Nobody will quite know what they would get out of Marchiol, and the opposing coaches may have more difficulty preparing for him, as well.

So with no “official” starter, and now the possibility of a third quarterback, Kansas State will be pressed to be fully prepared for the game. Though Brown’s days in Morgantown may be numbered, he is showing why he was brought here in the first place.

The man is playing chess.