Neal Brown’s Silence

Morgantown, West Virginia – Neal Brown is young, he’s accomplished, he’s a proven program-builder and so anytime a head coaching gig becomes available, his name will be mentioned.

Should Brown respond every single time his name is brought up as a potential candidate for an available position?  Of course not.

Instead, Neal Brown – if he is indeed not interested in any other positions – should give a blanket statement that immediately puts all rumors to bed.  “I’m very happy in Morgantown and excited about our future here at West Virginia University.  I’m not interested in any other positions and will not respond each time that my name is brought up.”

Instead, Brown said the following when his name was discussed as a potential head coach at South Carolina: “I’m not a candidate there.”  Not “I’m not interested in that position”, not “I’m committed to West Virginia University”, not “I’m not going anywhere.”  Brown’s response smelled of backdoor dealings and half-truths.

Silence speaks volumes.  Whether Brown has any real interest in any of these available positions or not, his actions certainly don’t shut the rumors down.  While Neal Brown will blame “internet journalists” for pouring gasoline on fires that are the coaching rumors, it’s really Brown that is keeping this going.

One simple statement will end it all: “I’m not a candidate anywhere else.  I’m happy in Morgantown and excited about our future here.”

West Virginia fans have been scorned by coaches that they’ve loved and adored many times.  John Beilein, Rich Rodriguez, even Dana Holgorsen, didn’t address rumors and didn’t give their commitment to the West Virginia University, and they left Morgantown for different opportunities.

How are West Virginia fans supposed to “trust the climb” when Brown can’t even make a statement that says he’s here for the long run?

Words have meaning.  Silence is telling.  West Virginians appreciate honesty.

Neal Brown, make a statement that gives West Virginia hope and stop “playing the game.”  Are you committed to West Virginia University for the long run, or are you using us like so many coaches have in the past?