Neal Brown’s Treatment of Garrett Greene

Morgantown, West Virginia – In the first half of West Virginia’s embarrassing loss to Texas Tech, redshirt freshman Garrett Greene was given one drive.  That drive was an 11 play, 54 yard drive that ended at the Texas Tech 34 yard line after a failed 4th down.

In Greene’s one possession, West Virginia had more yards than the entire rest of the half with Jarret Doege in as quarterback.

Doege’s possessions looked like this: 1st drive – 3 plays, 4 yards (1 minute, 35 seconds).  2nd drive – 6 plays, 16 yards (1:54), ended with a Jarret Doege fumble).  3rd drive – 7 plays, 30 yards (4:16).

Although Greene was far more effective than Doege, Neal Brown gave Greene a major tongue-lashing as he left the field after not converting a 4th and 2.  Greene was pressured and overthrew his tight end, and Neal Brown immediately ran over and showed more emotion than he ever has, screaming at Greene.

Brown has had multiple opportunities to be upset with Doege but instead has shown him nothing but support and made excuses for him.

Doege is a 5th year senior who should have unshakable confidence and trust in his own ability, but Brown feels the need to handle him with kid gloves.  It’s preposterous that Brown worries about hurting Doege’s confidence but not the confidence of his redshirt freshman.

Garrett Greene is by all accounts a hard-worker and a tremendous teammate, but eventually this unfair, unjust treatment by his head coach will certainly affect him, if it hasn’t already.

Greene has proven that he is a far more effective player than Doege in his very limited opportunities and should immediately be handed the keys to the West Virginia offense.  In fact, the offense should be built around him.  Jarret Doege hasn’t shown that he is the quarterback capable of leading this team to big victories and he never will.

It’s time for Neal Brown to self-reflect and make the glaringly obvious decision to commit to Garrett Greene has his starter for the remainder of the season.