Nicco Marchiol Hints He’s COMING HOME

Morgantown, West Virginia – Four star quarterback Nicco Marchiol spent this last weekend in Morgantown, West Virginia, and from all accounts, his visit was absolutely sensational.  

Marchiol, a 6’2 quarterback from Chandler, Arizona, was originally committed to Florida State University.  However, he has recently taken visits to Michigan State, West Virginia and will visit Arizona State this upcoming weekend.

However, it appears that Marchiol has already made up his mind, and it’s very good news for West Virginia fans!

Steve Wilfong, Director of Recruiting for 247 Sports, posted a tweet last night about the magic that Neal Brown and his staff are working over the past couple of weekends and said that the Mountaineers have an opportunity to land a Top 25 class in 2022.

Marchiol, in a response that has since been deleted, posted the “hush emoji”, which leads many to believe that he has already quietly committed to WVU.  Marchiol does have an official visit planned this weekend at Arizona State and may simply be waiting until after the visit to making his commitment to West Virginia official.

Not only is Marchiol an outstanding quarterback and leader, he is also an exceptional recruiter of talent that will likely bring several other big-name, highly-touted players with him to Morgantown.

Get ready, Mountaineer fans, because the next couple of weeks are going to be incredibly exciting and monumental for the future of the West Virginia football program!