Nicco Marchiol Makes Interesting Statement on Future With Team

Morgantown, West Virginia – Following his first real, extended action with the West Virginia Mountaineers in the team’s upset win at Oklahoma State, Nicco Marchiol released an interesting statement about his future.

Marchiol, who was 4/13 for 61 yards and 1 touchdown during his freshman season with the Mountaineers, had the following to say: “If God is for us, who can be against us? Thankful for a memorable season with my teammates and Mountaineer Nation. Can’t wait for what’s to come.”



This message could be taken one of two ways: Either Marchiol looks forward to more time at West Virginia, or perhaps this was potentially his good bye/thank you message to West Virginia fans.

Although Marchiol will certainly have several programs interested in his services, he will likely be favored to West Virginia’s starting quarterback should he return.