Officials Got Call Right on Bryce Ford-Wheaton’s Catch…But Not For the Reason You Think

(Photo by WVU Athletics)


Look, I’ll be as honest as I can possibly be. I don’t believe Bryce Ford-Wheaton got his foot down on his spectacular touchdown catch last Saturday against Iowa State. No angle of this catch has convinced me that his foot was not parallel with the ground.

However, I believe the officials got this call right.

On the field, the catch was called a touchdown. Indisputable video evidence was needed to overturn it. With every angle that was shown on camera, none of them provided this evidence. Each side shown was either covered up by the opposing player’s leg, or it cut away from the turf just in time for it to miss his foot being down. Therefore the call the officials made was correct. They had to stick with the call on the field.


What do you guys think of the call on the field? Was it a touchdown, or was it incomplete? Let us know your thoughts!