One Outlet is Calling for Austin Kendall After Texas Tech Loss

(Photo by Colin E. Braley - AP)

The reactions to WVU’s 34-27 loss to Texas Tech have ranged from remain calm to the sky is falling. The game wasn’t pretty, and in all honesty was a bad loss for the Mountaineers. While there should be some changes, one outlet is calling for the ultimate offensive change.

Ryan Palmeri, a staff writer for Saturday Tailgate, took to the web Sunday morning to call for a quarterback change for West Virginia. He would reference Jarret Doege as being only a “game manager,” and would continue to state that he believes Austin Kendall’s gunslinging ability would be a good “change of pace” for the offense.

While this is certainly an interesting idea, the stats just aren’t there for Doege’s benching. Through five games, he has passed for 1,389 yards with nine touchdowns to three interceptions. While his QBR (quarterback rating) is only 57.6, his 63.8% completion percentage has been impressive.

Austin Kendall wasn’t terrible in 2019, but he wasn’t necessarily solid either. He would finish the season with a 3-6 record, and passed for 1,989 yards with twelve touchdowns to ten interceptions. Not exactly lighting the world on fire.


Though a change could spark the offense, I don’t believe it will happen. We have our sample size of Kendall, and Doege can’t catch the ball for his receivers. Unless the wheels come completely off the tracks, this is Jarret Doege’s team.