Oscar Tshiebwe Finally Responds to Bob Huggins’ Comments About Him

Morgantown, West Virginia – Last week, West Virginia head coach Bob Huggins was critical of Oscar Tshiebwe and his work ethic, saying, “We lost an alleged McDonald’s All-American because he didn’t like the fact that we were making him do things that were hard, so we’re fine.”

Huggins continued: “When I was growing up in the United States of America, you had to work for what you got.  That’s kind of gone now.  That’s the way it used to be and that’s the way it’s going to be as long as I am head ball coach here.”

Today, Tshiebwe, who is averaging 13.4 points and 16.0 rebounds per game for the 4-1 Kentucky Wildcats this season, took the high road when asked about the comments that Huggins made about him.

“For me, I have no comment I can say about that,” Tshiebwe said.  “Coach, he’s a great coach.  I know I always work harder and I’m always trying to get better.  Just because things don’t go right doesn’t mean you quit.  God has plans for every human being.  We always have great plans for ourselves, but we forget what God has for us.

I cannot say anything about Bob Huggins.  He was a good coach.  He coached me, did everything for me, tried to help me, but I have no comment I can say about that.”