Oscar Tshiebwe Speaks

Morgantown, WV – Yesterday, West Virginia University’s Oscar Tshiebwe decided to forgo his opportunity to enter the NBA Draft and is instead going to play another year for the Mountaineers next season.

Today, in his first interview since making his decision to return, Tshiebwe spoke with Truck Bryant on The Truck Bryant Podcast today to discuss why he ultimately decided to return to school.

When asked why he decided to return, Tshiebwe said, “I’m here for Mountaineer Nation.  I entered my name into the Draft to get feedback and the NBA scouts told me what I need to work on.  They said if you keep working hard and change your game a little bit, next year you’re going to be a top pick.  If you decide to come this year, you’re going to get drafted, but you aren’t going to be drafted high.”

Oscar continued, “So that’s why I decided to go back and work on my game so that I’m ready next year.  I work hard for everything.  The NBA guys told me what I need to work on, what I need to be better about.  I’m spending a lot working in the gym to be ready for the Mountaineers next season.”

When Truck Bryant asked Oscar about his personal goals, Tshiebwe said, “I want to do the best that I can to help our team reach our goals.”

On The Truck Bryant Show, Bryant always asks his guests who would win on a one on one matchup.  Truck asked Tshiebwe who he thinks would win in a matchup of him versus Sagaba Konate.

Tshiebwe laughed and said, “That would be tough.  You know I can dribble the ball and handle the ball, but he’s good and he’d be really tough.  I think I’d win because I can handle the ball better.”  On a previous show, Tshiebwe also said that he would defeat former West Virginia great Kevin Jones in a one one one matchup as well.

To hear the entire show, check out the hottest podcast on the planet, The Truck Bryant Show, below: