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As if College Football’s return isn’t complicated enough in 2020, players on the west coast are beginning to join together in ensuring their safety, and asking for benefits for playing in the middle of a global health crisis.

According to Brett McMurphy of Stadium, several players from the Pac-12 Conference are “united” for their best interest during the 2020 season. While the players plan to officially release their list of demands on Monday, many outlets are reporting what has been leaked ahead of time.

The most prominent demand is that of compensation. Players are asking that the commissioner, coaches, and administrators take a 50% pay cut for the year, with the revenue being distributed to the athletes in every sport.

The players are also asking for there to be attention given to social injustice by the NCAA — with the group citing the association “exploiting young men of color.”

With the current pandemic, players are also demanding that long-term health insurance be offered. Due to this, they also want an opt out option for this season that would let them both retain eligibility and their scholarships.

Announcements are expected to come tomorrow in reference to the situation, and we will bring those to you here on The Voice of Motown.

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