Pac-12 Unity Group Calls Out the Conference After Fall Cancellation

Athletes from all across the Big Ten and Pac-12 are hurting today. Not only did they have the opportunity to compete in the sport they love ripped away from them, but they did so by some of the most incompetent leaders in all of college sports.

The Pac-12 Unity Group has been very outspoken against the conference over concerns due to the Coronavirus. Today, they released a statement criticizing the conference’s decision to postpone fall sports.

In the statement, the group accused the Pac-12 of being “woefully unprepared to protect college athlete safety in response to Covid-19…” — the group’s main argument since their formation. They would continue that the conference “could not address the basic and essential safety demands” made by the student-athletes. They would conclude their statement calling the system “broken” and demanding change in the conference.

The Big 12’s decision to put their best foot forward in pursuit of a fall season did not help the argument for the Pac-12. The rigorous protocols put in place and medical advice allowing other conferences to play just does not add up to that of the Pac-12. In hindsight, the group’s argument against the conference is both compelling and true.

The Pac-12 has failed both their universities and student-athletes.