Pacman Jones is Forgiven

Morgantown, West Virginia – Adam “Pacman” Jones is officially forgiven by West Virginia.  Jones, 37, didn’t exactly represent the state well for several years, but Pacman is a real Mountaineer and it’s time that fans move on from his past indiscretions.

Jones has been arrested over ten times since leaving West Virginia University in 2005.  Jones’ arrests range from fights at various bars and clubs to threatening a stripper to threatening multiple bodyguards to fighting an airport worker to disorderly conduct at a casino to assaulting a police officer.

Make no mistake about it, Pacman Jones has made a lot of mistakes and has been punished accordingly; Jones has been fined over $2 million for violations of the NFL Players Association Personal Conduct Policy.

With that said, Jones has now appeared to settle down with his wife and three children.  He will always be a complicated individual, but seems to be focused on making more productive choices.

In his recent boxing match against undefeated champion Bobby Laing, Jones looked healthy and fought hard in his boxing debut.  Coming out to the ring with a West Virginia Mountaineers helmet on and with “Country Roads, Take Me Home” blaring in the background, Jones clearly still has a soft spot for West Virginia.

Today, Jones made news when he told TMZ that he belongs in the NFL Hall of Fame. “We’ll see, man. You know I had a lot of baggage that went along with me but I got that out of the way…I truly feel that I was one of the top return men in the league from 2005 to 2017-18, and I’ve outlasted my whole draft class other than the quarterbacks.  My work speaks for itself.”

Jones is ready to put his past behind him and so should West Virginia fans.  He was an incredible player during his time in Morgantown and although he hasn’t always represented what it means to be a Mountaineer over the years, he’s still a Mountaineer.  

Once a Mountaineer, Always a Mountaineer.