Pacman Jones Makes Boxing Debut

Charleston, West Virginia – Former West Virginia Mountaineers cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones made his boxing debut last night in Barstool Sports’ Rough N Rowdy 15 at the Charleston Coliseum in Charleston, West Virginia.

Jones, 37, guaranteed a victory against the 5-0 defending champion Bobby Laing in the main event prior to the fight.

”With my hand raised as the new motherf–king RNR champ,” Jones told TMZ when asked about how he expects the night to end. “Bobby Laing, your goddamn winning is over with. The honeymoon has officially ended today. I’m ready to f–king go. Let’s go.”

Unfortunately for Jones, the fight did not go as he planned it.  Jones lost a unanimous decision to the defending champion, despite putting up a great fight in his boxing debut.

Jones entered the ring with a West Virginia football helmet on and his entrance music was “Country Roads” by John Denver.  Football hall of famer Deion Sanders was in attendance and was shown singing along to Country Roads.

No word yet on whether Pacman Jones will continue to pursue a career in the ring, or if this was his lone boxing opportunity.