Pat McAfee Clearly Doesn’t Trust the Climb

Morgantown, West Virginia – On the December 15th episode of The Pat McAfee Show, former West Virginia Mountaineers punter/kicker turned media mogul Pat McAfee was discussing Deion Sanders’ ability to flip the nation’s #1 recruit, Travis Hunter, from Florida State to Jackson State.

McAfee said the following: “I think when Coach Prime (Deion Sanders) said he wanted to go coach at Florida State, West Virginia should’ve said, ‘Hey, about you come to West Virginia and coach here?’  I mean, Neal Brown trust the climb?”

Asked directly about whether he “trusts the climb”, McAfee said the following, “Man, I think he’s a good guy. We took a big snooze and had a big storm.”

One of McAfee’s co-hosts brought up the fact that Minnesota, West Virginia’s opponent in the Guaranteed Rate Bowl, hired former Mountaineers’ offensive analyst Kirk Ciarrocca as their new offensive coordinator and could get some inside information on West Virginia.

McAfee responded by saying, “Well, here’s the inside information, no one knows what the f*** the team is going to do. I don’t think they know what they’re doing either. One game they look good and some games they look terrible. What’s going on behind the scenes? I mean, are we still climbing or what?”

Watch the clip below. Starts at approximately the 5 minute mark.