Pat McAfee Discusses Former Mountaineer Player and Coach

Morgantown, West Virginia – Former West Virginia Mountaineers punter turned media mogul Pat McAfee had a lot to say about former player/co-defensive coordinator for West Virginia, Jahmile Addae, on his radio show today.

Addae, who left West Virginia to become the safeties coach at Georgia, is an impressive young coach that will continue to climb the coaching ranks.

McAfee said the following about Addae: “Jahmile Addae, West Virginia alum, first year coaching down there in Georgia.  Best defense of all time, I don’t know.  Great defense at West Virginia, great defense at Georgia.

What’s the X-factor?  Kirby (Smart) has been there for a long time.  All of sudden, they get Jahmile Addae, they’re great.  I don’t know what happened to him in Morgantown, what are we doing?  I trust the climb until the f***ing guy leaves and then he has the #1 defense in the history of the world.  What’s going on?”

One of McAfee’s co-hosts casually replied, “Coach Brown.”

McAfee, of course, is right.  West Virginia lost a true Mountaineer and one of the best young assistant coaches in the nation when Jahmile Addae left the program.  Let’s hope that one day he returns.