Pat McAfee Roasts West Virginia Basketball

Morgantown, West Virginia – Former West Virginia Mountaineers punter/kicker Pat McAfee has gone on to great success as a broadcaster/sports analysts on The Pat McAfee Show.  

McAfee, who has remained a major fan of West Virginia sports, discussed the Mountaineers basketball team today and was shocked at how poorly they played this season.

“We didn’t even get into the CBI. How bad do you have to be to not get into the CBI? I feel like we (his co-hosts) could put a team out there and get into the CBI. What the hell are we doing here?”

McAfee continued: “I don’t now if Press Virginia is dead or not, but the effectiveness of it certainly is long gone. We didn’t even get in the f***ing CPT.” 

McAfee and his co-hosts then gave a moment of silence to West Virginia basketball. McAfee mumbled under his breath, “Huggy Bear had a good run. He’s wearing sweet sweatsuits and he’s sweating. He’s talking his s***. He once told a player while he was having a heart attack on the floor, ‘You did this to me.’

Elite 8s. Sweet 16s. Now we can’t even get into the CTJC. He’ll be back. Like Jesus coming out of that cave. Bob Huggins and West Virginia basketball will move that rock and come walking out. You think you killed me? You did not! Huggy Bear going to win it all next year!”

Check out the entire hilarious exchange below: