Pat McAfee Says Big Schools Will Soon Try to Land Rich Rodriguez

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Rich Rodriguez was Pat McAfee’s head coach at West Virginia University and McAfee has remained a fan of Rodriguez since leaving the Mountaineers. Today on his show, McAfee discussed Jacksonville State’s huge come-from-behind victory last night and said that Rodriguez’s team is “must-see TV this year.”

McAfee continued, “His teams are fun. Rich Rodriguez’s teams are known to be explosive on the offensive end of the ball and his teams are always going to fight. His whole team is built on hard edge and about being tough. If you aren’t tough, he’s going to bench you and play someone who is tougher than you.”

The topic of where Rodriguez will coach next year came up and McAfee seemed to believe that he was headed to a bigger, more prominent position: “Big boys are going to come calling. His style of coaching is back. I don’t think Michigan was ever the right place for the hillbilly that is Rich Rodriguez. He’s from the hills of West Virginia. He’s one of the greatest football minds ever. He would do really well at a place that has NIL money and if it wasn’t a high-brow institution. It’s only a matter of time before he goes somewhere else. Like, Michigan State needs a new head coach. He hates Michigan, you would believe, and he would be perfect at Michigan State. I would love to see him get another opportunity. Most people would automatically think I mean at West Virginia, but Neal Brown has the boys buzzing. Just win some games, Neal!”

Check out the full clip below: