Pat McAfee Says Neal Brown is Going to Be Climbing Again Next Season

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia announced the hiring of new athletic director Wren Baker and also revealed that head coach Neal Brown will be back to lead the Mountaineers in 2023.

Today, Pat McAfee, the former West Virginia punter/kicker turned media personality, said today on his podcast that West Virginia has a real chance to turn it all around tomorrow.

“Neal has a young batch that might get really good next season,” McAfee said. “Honestly. Wide receivers, very good. Running back, very good. Quarterback, very good. Offensive line? We’ll have to figure that out moving forward, but they’ll have another year under them.

Neal Brown is going to be climbing again next season. If not, he’s going to be gone, and then we’ll have a full coaching search with a new Athletic Director.”

McAfee also revealed that West Virginia’s new athletic director, Wren Baker, already reached out to him on social media. “The brand new AD sent me a DM on Twitter. I haven’t opened it yet. I don’t want to leave him on read. I’m not yet ready to answer it.”