Pat McAfee Show: “Dream Still Alive for WVU to be in the College Football Playoffs”

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — The 4-1 West Virginia Mountaineers are starting to get major national attention following their incredible start to the season. On today’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, the topic of the Mountaineers’ season came up.

“Don’t look now, but West Virginia is 4-1,” Pat McAfee said. “College football playoffs? Maybe. We don’t know, but the hope is still alive. We boat-raced Duqesne, we killed them. That’s what we do, obviously, at West Virginia. But TCU thought they had it all figured out and were going to beat us. I saw a bunch of happy faces under cowboy hats down there at TCU before the game started, but then all of a sudden we just pounded and pounded the ball. Neal Brown made a few decisions in there that certainly were questionable, but he’s got those boys flying around.

We’re playing at Houston next, Dana Holgorsen, count that as a W. We’re 5-1. Then Oklahoma State, 6-1. UCF is going to be a tough game, but outside of that, just Oklahoma.”

Many experts and analysts are now hopping on the West Virginia bandwagon and with good reason. The Mountaineers have looked fantastic through the first 5 games and the remaining schedule is very favorable.

See the full clip below: