Perfect Realignment Scenario Unfolding for West Virginia

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Conference realignment talk has heated up over the past several days and many of the scenarios discussed would greatly benefit West Virginia University.

One such scenario has the ACC imploding with the SEC and Big Ten poaching several current members of the ACC. According to Greg Swaim, who has accurately predicted several conference realignment issues, the SEC and Big Ten will likely attempt to poach Florida State, Clemson, North Carolina, Virginia and Miami, leaving several current members searching for a home.

This, of course, would leave Louisville, Pitt, Virginia Tech and NC State for the Big 12 Conference after the SEC and Big Ten poach the other schools. As Swaim put it, “West Virginia would be thrilled with renewing the old rivalries and cutting down on their frequent flier miles.”

Several members of the ACC are reportedly unhappy with the current television contract that doesn’t expire until 2036 and would like to leave the conference. If eight teams agree to exit the conference, the contract could be voided, leaving the schools to seek a new home in another conference.