Perfectly Reasonable Questions WV Journalists Are Too Afraid to Ask Neal Brown

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia sports simply does not have fearless, courageous journalists who ask tough, hard-hitting questions and demand honest answers.  Rather, they do and say what they have to in order to hang onto their jobs with white-knuckled grips.  Questioning or critiquing Neal Brown would potentially make waves and making waves in the West Virginia media is a death sentence.

This, of course, is why all of Bob Huggins’ and Neal Brown’s post game conferences are exactly the same.  Under the careful watch of the minuscule Director of Football Communications, West Virginia’s media members are too frightened of losing their credentials to ask anything remotely challenging or real.  

Instead, we get questions like, “Neal, tell us your thoughts on Saturday’s game.”

The following are the obvious questions that absolutely should have been asked in today’s press conference:

1.) Did you consider pulling Jarret Doege and going with Garrett Greene at any point in Saturday’s game?  This is the question that was on the minds of virtually every West Virginian following the Mountaineers’ devastating loss at Maryland, but West Virginia’s media didn’t think this was a question important enough to ask.

Why have media if they don’t ask the questions that the masses most want to hear the answers to?

2.) Have you considered hiring an offensive coordinator during your time at West Virginia?  If not, why not?  Every major program in college football has an offensive coordinator.  Nick Saban has one.  Dabo Swinney has one as well.  Why doesn’t Neal Brown?  Doesn’t it make sense for him to hire an offensive coordinator so that he can concentrate on the role of being a head coach?

3.) What improvements have the team made from Year 1 to Year 3 under you, Coach Brown?  Brown preaches discipline, but are the Mountaineers really any more disciplined than they were when Brown took over the program in 2019?  Four turnovers against an average Maryland team suggests that they are not.

In what areas has the team improved on the field?  Recruiting has been great, but what has changed on the field?


The aforementioned questions are all very reasonable, fair questions that would answer the concerns felt by an entire fanbase.  The West Virginia media is culpable for allowing Brown (and Huggins) to be unaccountable and unchallenged.  The role of the media is to get the answers that the people they represent want to know.  Once again, they failed our state today.