Pitt Announces Plan for 25% Capacity at Home Games

Pittsburgh, PA – According to Pitt officials, there will be only 25% of the stadium’s capacity allowed at one time.  The measure, which is designed to reduce the spread of COVID-19, will be enacted for the upcoming season.

Shockingly, Pitt officials expect the safety measure to actually increase the average attendance at home games in Pittsburgh.

According to Heather Lyke, Director of Athletics at Pitt, “Our tremendous fans have been practicing social-distancing for several decades in preparation for a pandemic like the one we’re currently going through.  Rest assured, the University of Pittsburgh is the most prepared and ready fanbase in the entire country to spread out and socially-distance responsibly during upcoming athletic events.”

Pitt doesn’t do a lot well, but you can’t question their fervor and enthusiasm towards preventing the spread of infectious diseases.  Outstanding work, Panthers!