Players to Be Featured in NCAA Football Revival

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

Sports and video game fans everywhere are ecstatic for the return of the beloved NCAA Football game in 2024. Following a decade hiatus, NIL now gives players the opportunity to profit off of their own likeness, paving the way for the franchise’s return.

Many have wondered if the players we see on the field will be exactly who are featured in the game. Past versions of NCAA Football used the player’s likeness, but were not able to use their exact names due to NCAA rules.

According to a report from Michael Rothstein of ESPN, every FBS player will now be eligible to appear in the game in light of a new deal struck with EA Sports.

Players who wish to have their likeness in the game will receive a compensation check for doing so. Those who choose not to opt-in will receive a random name and likeness in their places on the rosters.

EA Sports College Football has yet to receive an official release date, but will arrive sometime during the summer of 2024. The game is expected to be available on “next-gen” consoles only.