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MORGANTOWN, W.Va – Earlier this week I ran a poll that was titled “Neal Brown starts on the hot seat. Will he finish the 2023-24 season as the Mountaineers head coach?”

The poll received 232 votes with an overwhelming 68 percent saying yes. While 32 percent say no, he would be fired.

One commenter stated he thinks Brown will remain the teams coach because he doesn’t believe he would get fired in-season.

Another commenter stated he thinks this is the first time that Brown has the most balanced team since taking over as the Mountaineers head coach stating that from 2019-2021 the offense was lacking while the defense held the Mountaineers in games.

Brown does, in my opinion, start the season on the hot seat with a 6.5 hot seat rating out of 10. He can, in my opinion, save his job by winning against either Penn State or Pitt. Shock the world and win both of those games and half of Morgantown (social media) will be gloating for a contract extension.


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