Popular Social Media Account Says Neal Brown is Running Program into the Ground

Morgantown, West Virginia – Big Game Boomer, a popular account on social media, frequently releases polls and rankings regarding college football.

Today, BGB released current Power Rankings for each individual conference in the nation. Surprisingly, the West Virginia Mountaineers were ranked dead last (10th) in the Big 12 Conference.

Yes, behind Kansas. 

BGB ranked Baylor in first, followed by Oklahoma State, Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas State, Iowa State, Texas Tech, TCU, Kansas and then West Virginia.

West Virginia obviously took exception to that, but Boomer responded by saying, “No offense, but Neal Brown has really run West Virginia’s program into the ground.”

BGB added the following comment: “Auburn and West Virginia both let go of head coaches that had winning records. Look how far both programs have fallen now. Be careful what you wish for.”

Despite this, West Virginia has added several key pieces, including five star quarterback JT Daniels, and the Mountaineers are primed to shock some people this season.