Popular Social Media Page Pegs Neal Brown as “Unlikable”

(Photo by WVU Athletics) 


Though Neal Brown has been under heat for his coaching performance, many fans would agree that he is one of the friendliest coaches in the game today. However, despite many seeing Brown in this light, there are some who do not.

Big Game Boomer, a popular Twitter page, revealed their 25 most “likable” and “unlikable” coaches. Neal Brown, who is 20-23 at WVU, was listed 11th on the “unlikable” list.


The page gave no reason as to why they feel like this, but we guess that it isn’t Brown’s personality that makes them feel this way. It is more likely that they placed him on this list because those who run the page are Oklahoma fans.

Other than that, we can’t see a reason that he would be on this list. No matter how you feel about Neal Brown, you can’t say that the man doesn’t do his best to be kind to everyone.

Not sure what you are really aiming to prove here, Big Game Boomer.

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Clark Johnson
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