Putting the Blame for this Loss Where it Belongs

Morgantown, West Virginia – On a game where the West Virginia Mountaineers had every opportunity in the world to go into Stillwater, Oklahoma and get a massive upset win on the road against the 15th ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys, West Virginia shit the bed. 

It all starts with coaching.  While the Mountaineers made numerous mental mistakes, had countless missed opportunities and assorted bad breaks throughout the game, they managed to stay in the game right up to the 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter when Chuba Hubbard rushed for a touchdown to put the Cowboys up 27-13.

Neal Brown, once again, was too passive, too conservative, overly cautious, particularly on key, crucial 3rd down plays.  There were multiple chances to convert on 3rd and mid to long range downs, and instead of being aggressive, Brown instead went to draw plays that had zero chance of converting.

You don’t beat Oklahoma State on the road by playing to not lose.  Even with their 3rd string, true freshman quarterback behind center and their star running back playing his worst game ever.

You beat Oklahoma State by taking chances, by not following the script, by mixing it up and by confusing their defense.

Neal Brown did none of this.  Like last season, the West Virginia offense was too predictable, too passive and too willing to punt the ball.  The Big 12 is a different animal with explosive, powerful offenses that are difficult to stop.  This timid, uncreative, uninspired offensive plan will not get it done most of the time.

Leddie Brown played his ass off.  Winston Wright too.  The defense played well enough – outside of a couple of plays – to win today.  This was a frustrating, disappointing, winnable game that with a more aggressive, creative offense, the West Virginia Mountaineers would have likely won.