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The Voice of Morgantown had the privilege to sit down with West Virginia commit Obinna Onwuka. The three-star EDGE out of Upper Marlboro, (Md) committed to the Mountaineers on June 9.

Below is the Q&A with Onwuka.

James: Why did you decide to commit to WVU over other programs such at Virginia Tech, Boston College, and Penn State?

Onwuka: “I committed to West Virginia because I felt like a top priority to them, this recruiting game is a crazy world at times anything can happen or change any day, I just had to do what was best for me.”

James: How fast is your 40 yard dash? (Q from a fan)

Onwuka: “My 40 yard dash is 4.77 I ran it in April probably changed since then.”

James: How committed is your commitment to WVU? If Neal Brown were to get fired, would you stay committed or would it waiver?

Onwuka: “I’m in it with West Virginia, I’m not sure if I can give any response with the whole Coach Brown situation I’ve seen its trending lately, all I know is he’s a great coach, father & leader. Whatever happens with my commitment with WVU at the end of the day it’s all love no matter what, things happen, it’s life.”

James: What about visiting WVU made you decide ‘this is home’?

Onwuka: “Everything about WVU made it feel like home.”

James: As a player against WVU new QB commit (Khalil Wilkins), how good is he?

Onwuka: “Khalil Wilkins is a talented QB never really got to see him play but i know he can launch that ball, will have a lot of fun playing against him one last time.”

James: How much did NIL factor into your recruiting, if any?

Onwuka: “NIL influenced my recruiting in some way, WV showed a lot of love in that category.”

James: Who is someone you watch that your model your game after?

Onwuka: “I model my game after Micah Parsons, I will be the Micah Parsons of college football in a couple of years.”

James: With the scrutiny surrounding last season and possible firing of Neal Brown, what kept you committed to WVU?

Onwuka: “It’s a lot of drama going on with the head coaching job but it doesn’t faze any of us, we know coach brown is a great coach in our corner we could careless how the outsiders feel, if changes happen i have no input with that I’ll do what’s best for me.”

James: Lastly, the most important question, thoughts on pepperoni rolls?

Onwuka: “I love pepperoni rolls, where can i find them in Motown?”

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