Quit Complaining About Jarret Doege

Honestly, where would we be without Jarret Doege?

After transferring from Bowling Green, Doege is now 5-2 as the Mountaineers’ starting quarterback. He has also compiled a 15-6 TD-INT ratio, and has passed for at least 200 yards in six of his seven games.


At times during 2020, Doege has struggled. However, it has been to no fault of his own. Many times his line has let him down, and his receivers have flat out dropped passes they should have caught. Clean up those two areas and we have ourselves a pretty solid quarterback statistically. But here we are, coming upon week eight, and the passing game has yet to fully hit its groove.


While sometimes a quarterback change can help an offense, it most certainly cannot in this case. Not even close. Jarret Doege is easily the best quarterback option for the Mountaineers right now. He has the most experience in the whole position room, has been in the offense nearly just as long as Austin Kendall, and hasn’t done anything to lose his starting job.


While anyone with football knowledge could see this, our fanbase obviously cannot. Instead, many all across social media are calling for Doege to be benched in favor of true freshman Garrett Greene. How about we discuss why this is a horrendous idea, shall we?

Greene has yet to gain any significant experience at the FBS level. His only playing time came against FCS Eastern Kentucky. One of, if not the worst defense WVU will face all year. Sure he looked solid, and yes he brings talent to the table, but throwing him out in the meat of WVU’s Big 12 schedule would just be idiotic.


Now that we have discussed Greene, let’s talk about why Doege has done nothing to lose his job. How about we start with his 71% winning percentage? In seven outings, he has found a way to win five of them – including one on the road against a nationally ranked Kansas State squad in 2019. If you completely eliminate Oklahoma State, Doege is undefeated at this point.


His 15-6 TD-INT may not be Heisman worthy, but it is still solid. After all, his backup, Austin Kendall, did have a 12-10 ratio last season. For every five touchdown passes, Doege only throws two interceptions. Sure it could be better, but it is certainly the best on the team.

Finally, Head Coach Neal Brown has exhibited all of the confidence in the world in Doege. Last week during his weekly radio show, Brown even stated he expects Doege’s “breakout game to come soon.” This doesn’t sound like a head coach concerned with his signal-caller, now does it?


His stats are fine, and Neal Brown sees him improving moving forward. So why does Mountaineer Nation continue to complain about him? Jarret Doege is the best quarterback on this team, and will be the answer at the position until his time in Morgantown comes to an end. Until then, just keep coaching this team from your couch. Someone’s crazy Uncle Harry will agree with your position on social media sooner or later.




It could ALWAYS be worse, and it’s not even bad now.