Tavon Austin was a once in a generation player for the Mountaineers. His speed, athletic ability, and tremendous agility on the field made him a nightmare for every defense he faced. While we as a fanbase would love for a future player to recapture this magic of Austin, it is time we stop pegging players as “the next Tavon.” To put it bluntly, there will never be another.

Players like Tevin Bush and Winston Wright Jr. have been seen as being the next electric record setting speedster for the Mountaineers. Though Bush never lived up to that mantra, Wright will have the opportunity to being that he still has three seasons of eligibility, but it is very unlikely he will be another version of Tavon Austin. Expecting Wright or any other player to be a copy and paste of Tavon Austin will only lead to disappointment for us as fans.

While we love speed in Morgantown, we have to let players create their own legacy. We cannot continue to compare players, especially with one of the popularity of Austin. Each athlete is different in their own respect and bring different abilities to the field. What we got with Austin was simply a living video game. Very few players have the juke and cut ability that made Tavon the legend he become, so let’s allow players like Wright to become legends playing the game their own way.

We were lucky to have Tavon Austin in the Old Gold and Blue for four years, and we must continue to celebrate him as one of the best Mountaineers ever. That being said, let’s put the persona of his legend to bed and quit passing it on. We have a bright future with Neal Brown as head coach, and he will all but surely bring in superb skill position talent. Each one will have a chance to put their names in the record books, but there will always be ONLY ONE Tavon Austin.