Report: Big Ten Football May Be Back This Fall

Let’s get this straight — Sir Yacht on Twitter has not been the most reliable reporter in the world. Hell, he hasn’t been reliable at all. However, news that he released last night per his “source” is now beginning to surface among other outlets. Potentially making Yacht more legitimate than many believed after he completely botched the first story.

According to Sir Yacht, the Big Ten is now back on board with playing a fall season. The only difference will be when the season begins for the conference. While the other three Power 5 conferences plan to kick off in September, the Big Ten will be shooting for an October 17th start, but no later than November 21st, per Yacht.

While at first this may appear to be yet another eye-rolling attempt by Yacht to gain followers, a verified Twitter account and legitimate publication ran a similar story late last night.


The Milwaukee Sentinel would publish a piece claiming that the Big Ten is moving towards beginning the season on the third weekend of November. Though this is not set in stone, this potentially legitimizes Sir Yacht’s sources he has had from the beginning.

Stay tuned to The Voice of Motown as we will bring you updates regarding the situation.