REPORT: Two Schools Headed to the Big 12

According to reports, two Pac-12 schools will officially become Big 12 members in the near future.

Boulder, CO – The Big 12 has been hot on the expansion trail. With the conference expected to add members in the near future, reports have surfaced as to who we can expect those schools to be.

According to Greg Swaim of the Swaim Show, Colorado and Arizona will be the first two schools to make the move to the Big 12. However, it will not become official until the Pac-12’s television deal is finalized.

Swaim also revealed that while Utah and Arizona State will be considered, the conference may settle for only two Pac-12 schools. Instead, the Big 12 would then look to the ACC to add any future members.

Recent reports have indicated that the ACC is on the verge of collapse, so teams jumping ship would come to no surprise to many.

Stay tuned to The Voice of Motown for updates on the Big 12’s expansion situation.

(Photo by Arizona Athletics)