Reporter who had run-in with President Trump is a West Virginian

Washington, DC – President Donald Trump has continued to say on his daily briefings that testing is available to any American citizen that needs it.  At yesterday’s briefing Trump said, “It is a true statement already.  We have more testing than anyone else in the world by far.”

Weijia Jiang, a CBS News White House Correspondent, followed Trump’s statement by asking, “Why is this a global competition to you when Americans are losing their lives every day?”

Trump’s response set off a firestorm of controversy: “Maybe that’s a question you should ask China.”

Jiang, appearing shocked by the question responded by saying, “Why are you saying that to me, specifically?”

Trump said, “I’m saying it to anybody who would ask a nasty question like that.”  

Weijia Jiang was actually born in China but was raised in West Virginia.  Her family immigrated to the Mountain State when she was 2 years old.  In fact, on Jiang’s Twitter account, she describes herself as a “Chinese born West Virginian.”

Here is the whole exchange between Jiang and President Trump.  You be the judge: