Rule Changes Bob Huggins Will Put in Place

Morgantown, West Virginia – Now that Bob Huggins is the Chairman of the NCAA Rules Committee, there are several changes that he will likely push to make happen.

Huggins has been outspoken about his distaste of today’s recruiting practices, transfer rules, as well as on-the-court rules.

Here is a list of possible common sense changes that Huggins will push for as the new Chairman of the Rules Committee:

1. Hand-check rule overturned – Huggins is an old-school, defensive-minded coach and the NCAA’s hand-check rule has to be difficult for him to swallow.

The rule states, essentially, that if you put your hands on a dribbler, it is a foul.  Basketball is a physical sport and hand-checking is a natural part of the game.

2. Immediate eligibility for transfer players (Free Agency) re-examined – When Oscar Tshiebwe transferred last season to the University of Kentucky, he was forced to sit out the remainder of the year, but he was eligible to practice with the team immediately and will be able to play at the beginning of next season.

Huggins has stated numerous times that instant eligibility for transfer players will ruin the game, and this is likely the first rule that he will attempt to change.

3. Technical fouls for flopping – Huggins has an extreme dislike for theatrics on the court and flopping to draw charge fouls is certainly among the most frustrating parts of the game for coaches.  This is a no-brainer.

4. Changing from five fouls to six fouls to foul out – Huggins’ aggressive, tough defenses have led to many foul-outs for his players.  The NBA successfully uses six fouls instead of five and Huggins could push to make it the same in college.

5. Relaxed attire for coaches – Coaches wearing suits on the sidelines is so 1980s.  Clearly, pullovers and sweatpants is a much more comfortable, acceptable choice for basketball coaches roaming the sidelines.