Saturday’s WVU-Kansas Matchup Will Be Unlike Any Other

(Photo by WVU Athletics)

2020 has been weird to say the least. But it may not be more weird than what Saturday has in store for Mountaineer fans.

Recently the WVU Athletic Department released game information for the WVU-Kansas matchup on October 17th – the first game fans will be allowed in Milan Puskar Stadium. In all honesty, other than the game, everything we know and love about Mountaineer Football will be different.

Let’s list off things Mountaineer fans will be missing out on, per West Virginia University. As well as things that will be familiar.

  • It’s not surprising, but there will be no Mountaineer Mantrip this season. All those high-fives and fan interactions. Yeah, it’s just a COVID-19 breakout waiting to happen.
  • Fans will be required to wear face coverings the entire game, unless eating or drinking. I hate them as much as anybody, but cheering in masks just seems like an impossible task to me. We shall see.
  • Fans must practice social distancing. No high-fives, “bro hugs,” or coming within six-feet of somebody you don’t know at the game. Good luck with that.
  • No stadium seatbacks in 2020. This makes no sense to me. I guess COVID-19 can’t spread if everyone’s ass is uncomfortable.
  • No tailgating at all. This sucks, but it’s understandable. Y’all can chill this season with it. You’ll survive.
  • There will be beer & alcohol sales. So that hasn’t changed.
  • Parking prices will still be batshit crazy. Find one of those $10 lots.

Check out the entire list of changes and policies for the WVU-Kansas matchup on