Scenario: West Virginia Could Play Big Ten Teams This Season

Morgantown, West Virginia – While we await the results of the meeting between Big Ten officials to decide the fate of the the 2020 football season, an interesting scenario has come up that would greatly benefit the West Virginia Mountaineers and the Big 12 Conference.

According to multiple reports on social media, Big Ten teams Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska and Penn State all want to play this season, while the remainder of the teams in the Big Ten Conference would prefer to cancel fall sports for the upcoming season.  If the Big Ten conference decides not to play, there are rumors that those four teams (Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska and Penn State) would consider breaking away from the conference for one season or perhaps even permanently.

One possible scenario would be for Michigan, Ohio State, Nebraska and Penn State to join the Big 12 Conference this season.  With only ten teams in the Big 12 currently, these four powerhouse programs would be a huge addition to an already loaded conference.


Not only would this instantly become the elite conference in college football, it would also open up Nebraska to play their former Big 12 rivals and it would make sense geographically for West Virginia.  In addition, the Mountaineers would get an opportunity to play old rival Penn State this season.


While this is very much still up in the air, this is Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby’s opportunity to swoop in, steal four of the traditionally best programs in the nation and potentially save college football this season.  Make it happen!