Shane Lyons Discusses West Virginia Potentially Moving Conferences

Morgantown, West Virginia – West Virginia University’s director of athletics Shane Lyons held a Zoom call with the WVU Committee of Retired Faculty this evening. Following a long, boring slideshow that discussed financials for various programs at the university, Lyons took a few questions from the small group of people that were invited.

Although the giant gorilla in the room was ignored – the fact that the West Virginia football program and its coaching staff have been a tremendous failure – he did respond to one juicy, interesting question from a retired faculty member.

“We’re right in Big Ten country here in West Virginia,” the former faculty member said. “Do you ever see us moving to the Big Ten Conference?”

Lyons responded by saying, “Yeah, geographically we would fit in with either the Big Ten or the ACC. But look, it’s a lot like dating. There has to be interest on both sides. We’d be interested in talking, but neither conference has expressed any interest in us yet.”

Lyons went on to say that he’s very comfortable with the leadership of the Big 12 Conference and feels that the conference has a very bright future, with the additions of UCF, Cincinnati, Houston and BYU.

Although the Big Ten and the ACC have yet to reach out to West Virginia, according to Lyons, it’s very clear that West Virginia would certainly entertain a move if an offer was ever extended.