We all expect Jarret Doege to be the Mountaineers’ starting quarterback come September 5th, but Head Coach Neal Brown has left the door open for a competition between him and former starter Austin Kendall. Many fans disregard this as coach talk, and a tactic to entice a more intense camp and better results from both players. However, there is still a possibility that Kendall could miraculously reclaim the starting position, and if he should, fans will likely not be pleased.

We had the opportunity to watch a nine-game sample size of Kendall in 2019, of which garnered underwhelming results. He led the team to a 3-6 record, and compiled 1,989 yards and a 12-10 TD-INT ratio. Kendall also struggled mightily with the deep ball, and the offense often sputtered with him under center. While this could have likely been the result of an injury plagued season for the former Sooner quarterback, fans still took his play as the best he could possibly be. Then, you throw in the outstanding play of Jarret Doege to close the season.

Doege was able to lead the team to two late season road victories, and helped the offense operate more smoothly down the stretch. Fans are now excited for what Doege can do moving forward, and Kendall has become somewhat of an afterthought.

Should Kendall win the starting job, we can expect the always lovely Mountaineer social media mob to be the first to share their opinions. There will be plenty of profanity and negativity to go around within this mostly uneducated group, but the more competent fans will understand the process that will take place.

Sure, Kendall would be starter, but if he were to struggle Doege would be waiting in the wings to jump right in. We can only assume that Neal Brown would be making this decision in the best interest of the team, but this does not mean that this section of the fanbase would not be disappointed.

We want Doege to build off of the late season success of 2019, and Kendall winning the job would all but certainly short-circuit it. Yes, we may also take our displeasures to social media, but we would do it in a way that would be understanding of the situation at hand. We would not question Brown’s decision, nor would we be claiming this to be another bowl-less season. We would simply state our desires to see Jarret Doege on the field, and Trust the Climb nonetheless.

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