Similarities And Differences Between J.T. Daniels and Will Grier


Morgantown, West Virginia – With JT Daniels coming to West Virginia AND him having his senior year of eligibility left aft this season it begs the question:

Will he stay for his final year of college, or will he put his name in for the draft?

To really answer this question, we have to go back to the last NFL-caliber quarterback that we had, Will Grier. Like Daniels, Grier transferred to West Virginia with 2 years of eligibility left. The reason why he came back his senior season was due to the fact that he broke his middle finger on his throwing arm. The difference between him and Daniels in the reality of him staying another year is the talent differential between the two Mountaineer teams both QB’s played is the question.

Grier played on a team that had an offensive line to better protect him, and a receiver core that helped him make bigger plays. If he didn’t break his finger, he probably could have gone pro after the 2017 season. Daniels is a bit different in that aspect. Daniels (at least for now in his WVU tenure) has not been hit by the injury bug, but the receiver talent between Grier’s team and Daniels’s team has been the difference.

Like Grier, Daniels is an amazing quarterback who is smart, agile, and knows when to keep or throw the ball. With the way this season has been going and the fact that he has only played in 21 TOTAL. 

I expect Daniels to return next year and really prove himself to be a true first or second-rounder. It is difficult to transition from one school to the next (no matter who the play caller is) and have a pro-type season. JT will look and feel a lot more comfortable in the following weeks of the season, but another year for the Mountaineers will be his true time to shine.

He is a true team leader now, and I know that will be the case next season as well. The offense will completely mold around him, and he will have a superb season next year.