Something Big is Brewing for West Virginia

Morgantown, West Virginia – Tony Caridi, “The Voice of the Mountaineers”, has said some very interesting things recently on his podcast 3 Guys Before the Game.  

In the most recent episode (Mountaineers Gobble Gobblers), Caridi was asked about whether last Saturday’s environment against Virginia Tech could help the Mountaineers get into a major conference in the future.

Caridi replied by saying, “Yeah, I would think that that would all…I haven’t gotten the details on this yet.  However, I  had an initial text exchange with someone who gathered recon over the weekend about what the potential other moves could be coming in the next year or two or three.

There’s all these weird little interplays that are happening and could happen so we’ll see how it all develops.”

Later in the show, a caller asked the following question: “Now that the Big 12 is going to add four more teams into the conference, does this mean that West Virginia has no chance of joining the ACC?”

Caridi answered, “Keep that in your back pocket.  No, it does not mean that.  Just hang tight.  All good things happen in time.  All good things happen in time.  Like wine, it needs time before it comes along.”

This question and answer sequence came in the 1:07:48 mark in Episode 313: “Mountaineers Gobble Gobblers” of Three Guys Before the Game.  

Unfortunately Caridi did not elaborate on this quote, but it certainly sounds like he’s heard very positive things about West Virginia joining the ACC at some point.