Sources: Neal Brown Now Likely to Remain Head Coach Through 2023

Cover Photo: Duncan Slade

Morgantown, West Virginia – In a truly unbelievable turn of events, it seems that Neal Brown will somehow manage to remain the head coach of the West Virginia Mountaineers.

In fact, Brown may remain with the team through next season, according to multiple sources. I’ve been told that Brown will not be fired this season regardless of the outcome of the team’s final three games and will be back for the 2023-2024 season with a set of conditions.

One of the rumored conditions is that Brown will be forced to replace his entire coaching staff and a new staff will be hired by the university. It’s unclear at this time how much input Neal Brown will have in the hiring process of the new staff.

It appears that West Virginia University is unable to pay Brown’s massive contract buyout and are simply unable to fire him at this point. This, of course, is due to the ridiculous contract extension that director of athletics Shane Lyons gave Brown following the 2020 season.


The fact that Shane Lyons is going to get away with this is remarkable and frustrating for a number of reasons. Lyons has put the university in this tremendously bad situation and he is responsible for the decline of the football program. West Virginia football is at an all-time low and Lyons has made it clear that he’s unwilling or unable to make the necessary changes to fix it.

None of the rumored changes will do anything other than prolong the misery. Shane Lyons must be held accountable. Neal Brown must be held accountable. Nothing about what’s happening at West Virginia is acceptable right now.

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