Southwest Flight Attendant and Passenger Sing Country Roads During Flight

According to her official website, Cassandra “Cat” Sotos is an artist, songwriter and international-touring violinist, known primarily for her live and studio work in country, rock and pop.

Today, however, she performed for an entirely new audience.  When Sotos boarded a Southwest Airlines flight, she was carrying a fiddle with her.  A flight attendant for Southwest had a guitar on the plane and asked her if she wanted to perform a song together.


Sotos excitedly said that she would perform for the passengers and the song they chose to sing was none other than West Virginia’s favorite song, “Country Roads.”

Sotos was later quoted as saying, “Especially after not being able to play live music for what feels like a million years, it was a wonderful reminder that music makes people so happy for so many reasons.”

Check out the outstanding, impromptu rendition of “Country Roads” below: