SportsCenter Host Perfectly Describes WVU Fans

MORGANTOWN, West Virginia — Earlier today on the Scott Van Pelt Show, the topic of the West Virginia Mountaineers’ fanbase came up, and the two gentlemen discussing WVU and its passionate fans perfectly summed it up!

“West Virginia travels really well, as they always do in every sport. We love those people. It really sticks out because they are the most tortured fanbase in college sports. They just find ways to go back to football, basketball, there’s been some brutal ones.

But the thing about them, they aren’t going to stop. They’re like, and this is going to sound like it’s not a compliment but it is a compliment, in a horror movie, like Freddy Kruger, or Jason, or Michael Myers, you can’t kill them. No matter what you do to them, you can’t break their spirit and you can’t kill them!

You knock them down 100 times, they’ll get back up 101 times, dust themselves off, ask where’s a cold beer? Let’s Go Mountaineers! Let’s drink some beers! What time is kickoff? What time is the jump ball? What time is the first pitch? Mountaineer fans are built for it! Love them!

Some day they are going to win something big and when they do, watch out! When the Mountaineers win a national championship in something big, they will test every state line that there is! They are up in that nook, Pennsylvania is right there, and they may just look at the lines where states are divided and say, ‘No, not anymore! They said we’re national champs! This is ours! We claim all of this country as ours! We want, that’s it. The whole country, now West Virginia! I love West Virginia!”