Spring Game Attendance Highlights Problems With West Virginia Football

Morgantown, West Virginia – One thing that stood out during yesterday’s annual Gold-Blue Spring Game was the attendance, or lack thereof, in the stands. Although it was a bit cold and rainy, the real problem is that there is absolutely no excitement or interest surrounding this team.

Neal Brown can only talk so much and make so many promises before fans start to catch on, and fans have officially caught on and seen through Brown’s rhetoric. There are few remaining that still trust that there is a climb in the program and that was on full display yesterday and the attendance was a direct reflection on how people who have loved this program for years now feel about its current direction.

West Virginia University, who always releases the official attendance, listed the attendance at 0. Perhaps this was an error, but more likely it’s the university once again acting like nothing is wrong, sweeping it under the rug and moving forward without comment on the matter.

Last season, the official attendance (which was actually released) was 12,678. The weather was nicer and the Mountaineers had a new five star quarterback in JT Daniels, but ultimately the trust and belief in Neal Brown is gone and that’s precisely why no one cares about the start of a new football season in Morgantown.