Surprising Quarterback Listed at the Top of West Virginia’s Depth Chart


Cover Photo by Gus Schlomer

Morgantown, West Virginia — On Saturday, backup Quarterback Garrett Greene had a record-setting game. He had 138 yards passing and touchdown passing 12-22 while he was in the game. That is not all, Greene also had 119 rushing yards for 14 carries and rushing touchdowns. Greene is the THIRD quarterback in WVU HISTORY to both rush AND pass over 100 yards in a game. The other two? WVU legends Major Harris and Pat White. The only thing is that Greene will NOT be starting when the Mountaineers take on the Wildcats this weekend, according the latest depth chart released by West Virginia.

So why is JT Daniels starting over Garrett Greene?

Because Neal Brown only trusts transfer quarterbacks. You could see this last season. Garrette Greene came in for a couple of snaps, EXPLODES for a 20 or 30-yard gain, and then gets benched for the rest of the game. I don’t know why Brown trusts transfer QBs so much, but it is starting to become a real problem for WVU’s offense. A new transfer comes in and looks GREAT … for a couple of games. Once the opposing defense figures out the QB scheme, the transfer seems to just start playing through the motions, and regression is easily seen. This happened in the 2019 season when Austin Kendall started to fade out of the light and start costing the team games, in 2021 you could see it with Jarrett Doege when every game seemed like he would throw a GUARANTEED interception, and now this year, where JT looked like a star quarterback, but now has regressed and thrown only 13 touchdowns and interceptions.

What do all of these quarterbacks have in common?

They are ALL transfers from other schools. It should FINALLY be the time that Neal Brown starts trusting in the Quarterbacks that HE recruited! From what we saw in the game against Oklahoma (the first game that West Virginia has played against Oklahoma and actually won since joining the Big 12 conference in 2012), is all the proof that we need that Greene is a good quarterback and DESERVES the starting position in at least ONE game this season. Daniels was a great experiment at Quarterback, but it is time to change the tide and start Greene, a player who MIGHT be able to steer this team toward a bowl game and POTENTIALLY, save Neal Brown’s job.

As a wise man once said, “The Grass is GREENER on the Other Side”: